How We Donate

Last Updated: 1/13/2019

Helping pets and animals in need is a big part of why we started the website and store. Not only do we want to tell the stories of pets and animals in need of help, but we want to give back by helping to care for those animals.

Our customers are a big part of our business and helping us to achieve this goal. While we are not a charity organization, we choose to donate a portion of our profits to causes we believe in. With every $10 purchase made from our Casper's Rescue Shop Store, we pledge to donate one pound of dog food to animal shelters, rescues, or charitable animal institutions. These institutions may benefit dogs, cats, turtles, or other animals. We will make the donations on a yearly basis, and update you with the stories of the donations right on this site. The donations will be made in the form of dog kibble, or the cash equivalent (based on a $0.70 cost per pound of dog kibble).

Donations will be split amongst causes based on products purchased and how people are directed to our website.

As our website and shop grow, we will continue to expand into donating towards other causes, so keep a look-out! Causes will always be related to animal and pet advocacy.