Amethyst Paw Bead Bracelet

Amethyst Paw Bead Bracelet

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It’s the bracelet that feeds shelter dogs. Each bead bracelet is handmade, subtly beautiful, and unique. Every time you look at your wrist, you'll be reminded of the special bond you share with dogs, and of the shelter dogs that are waiting to find their forever homes. When the beautiful Amethyst stone beads & signature Paw Charm catch peoples' eye, they'll undoubtedly ask you about it. You can proudly tell them your Paw Bead Bracelet fed shelter dogs.

The beads on this bracelet are made out of the agate stone, in a beautiful purple hue. The green agate stone symbolizes stability and composure. Wear it to bring you energy and balance in your life.

Get one for yourself, or stack a few for a unique look. Grab yours today. 


    - Feeds Shelter Dogs
    - Agate Natural Stone Beads
    - Metal Paw Charm
    - Stretches To Fit Most Wrist Sizes