"My Dog Anchors Me" Bracelet Stack

"My Dog Anchors Me" Bracelet Stack

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When you are feeling down, or had a crazy day at work, and are ready to throw in the towel, you get home and your dog is there to greet you. Suddenly, all of the day's stress melts away and you are whole again. It's because your dog anchors you!

We made this bracelet stack to symbolize the happiness & stability your bond with your best friend gives you

The White Marble & Turquoise bracelet are made from natural stone, and include an anchor and paw charm.

Grab your bracelet stack today.

This Bracelet Stack Feeds 7 Shelter Dogs

    - Feeds Shelter Dogs
    - Zinc Alloy Anchor & Paw charms
    - Stretches To Fit Most Wrist Sizes